Friday, June 11, 2010

#8 - Gives You Hell

#8 - Gives You Hell (from Episode 14: Hell-O )

Why it ranked? Although this episode has been given a lot of flak from me for being ok, I love this performance. Sure the track sounds Karaoke and I am probably the only person that has the original on their iPod but I have always loved it. It might be my connection to Rachel but, I love the anger and how she uses music as a weapon. Rachel was just dumped by her "soul mate" Finn so that he could date around because he was embarrassed to date social outcast Rachel and because he couldn't see her for who she was. Haven't we all been there? Everyone in the choir room wasn't sure where it was going but they still all joined in much to Finn's disappointment and Rachel's Glee.

#9 - Keep Holding On

#9 - Keep Holding On (from Episode 7: Throwdown)

Why it ranked? In the episode, Quinn’s secret is revealed to the school and most importantly to Cheerleading couch/ Show Choir Co-Director Sue. This episode changes the entire dynamic of the club and this performance was the first time I believed that this rag tag band of misfits could actually become a team. I also enjoyed that the actors kept in their characters. Quinn was visibly upset and understanding the lyrics. Finn and Rachel were torn between their growing attraction and their responsibility to Quinn. Plus on the upside I hate the Avril Lavigne version even though I love her as a song writer.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Glee Performance Countdown - #10

For a while I have gotten some complaints about my lack of blogginess. Mainly from my mom who doesn’t think I am alive unless she sees some form of internet activity. The problem has been that I haven’t wanted to post about Glee because I didn’t have too much to say that was positive. I was getting annoyed with stories and plots crappy edits but at last the mystery was answered when the Fox Execs admitted to altering the viewing order of the episodes which caused scenes to be deleted and such. This makes me hopeful for the DVD so that I can see what was intended to be aired and how. Either way because people that have access to me while I am sleeping have not watched the finale I will reserve my judgment (loved it) for later. In the meantime I thought I would get together with my work wife and with her editing come up with the top ten performances of the season and my reason why.

Now this was a lot harder then I thought it was going to be. First off it is like which of your favorite organs is your favorite. You kind of need them all to survive and even though you can live without some it isn’t ideal. Also, I had to go through 103 different songs according to Fred (my Ipod). Not to mention you never realize how much the show depends on Lea Michele until you have to go through this exercise. The key factor being that it had to be a performance I enjoyed visually, audibly, and story wise. Which is much harder than I originally thought. There are some songs I listen to all the time (It’s a Man’s, Man’s Man’s World, No Air, and Like A Prayer) that I couldn’t stand for story or visual purposes. So begins the list of songs that I felt were well performed and made sense in the story.

Starting with the weakest of the bunch number 10 – Proud Mary (from Wheels Episode 9)

Why it ranked? Because they freaking sang the hell out of a song in wheel chairs – that’s why. In the episode, Mr. Shue teaches the kids a lesson about how hard it is to be in a wheel chair by making them raise money for a handicap accessible bus so that the entire team can travel together to Regionals. This also marks one of the few closing numbers where the solos went to Amber Riley, Kevin McHale, and the criminally underused Jenna Ushkowitz.

Who is number 9? Tune in tomorrow.