Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Be Unexpected

In a tweet: LUX decisions & consequences. Baby given up for adoption returns. Her birth parents deal w/fallout while becoming a fam. Tues 9/8c on CW.

I know you are all in shock I didn’t choose to highlight the all-new Glee episode tonight at 8/7c on FOX. I like to switch it up on y’all and I think this is a sweet show that is scratching my Gilmore Girls/WB circa 1999 itch. Again I must say that this is not a substitution for watching the show but I want you guys to get this program on your radar. So stop reading if you don’t want spoilers.

I am serious.

15 years ago goody-two shoes nerd Cate did the unexpected with the captain of the football team Baz in the back of his van. She got pregnant and decided that she would give the baby up for adoption so that the baby would have a better life. After being born and being placed for adoption it was discovered that the baby had a heart defect that would need several surgeries to correct. Even with all of these health problems the nurses felt she had a light about her so she was named Lux (aka Light in German). It turns out that Lux was never adopted and grew up in foster care. Sick of it, she decides to get her birth parents to sign her emancipation papers. We find out that Baz still thinks he is in college. He owns a bar (well his Dad does) and he lives above it with two of his buddies. Cate on the other hand became a “commitment-a-phobe” and a relationship radio talk show host. The thing is that Cate isn’t a complete commitment-a-phobe. She is secretly dating and becomes engaged to her co-host Ryan. A judge decides that the best thing for Lux is for her birth parents to have joint custody.

Flashing forward. Cate marries Ryan even though she has developed feelings for Baz and the two shared a one-night stand. Lux is adapting to two different worlds: her old life as a foster kid with a stereotypical punk boyfriend named Bug and her new family life that includes school and potential love interest with the most popular guy in school. That’s all you need to know but to recap catch the show on iTunes or Netflix.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Go Chuck Yourself

In a tweet: Chuck is a comedy about “Ordinary guy” that dl’s a spy program that makes him a super spy. Knowledge w/o the experience. Tune in NBC M @ 8/7C.

Now I normally wouldn’t Wikipedia it (http://twe.ly/Lgi) and tell you to watch the show from the beginning but I want you to watch this show. So stop reading if you don’t want spoilers.

I am serious.

Chuck centers around Charles “Chuck” Bartowski. When we meet Chuck he is a self professed loser who is stuck working at a Buy More in their tech services department (think Geek Squad) and living with his Doctor sister Ellie and her Doctor boyfriend Devon “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb. It turns out that Chuck wasn’t always a loser though. He was a top student at Stamford and was on his way to being a successful tech mogul. That was until his college best friend/ college roommate, Bryce Larkin (of White Collar) turned him in for cheating on a test. To add to it, Bryce also stole Chuck’s college sweetheart and love of his loins Jill. Chuck was expelled and had no choice to move home broken hearted, bewildered, and stuck in limbo.

Then the email happened.

Bryce sent Chuck an encrypted email that contained a program called the Intersect that was downloaded into Chuck’s photographic memory of a brain. The Intersect contained every piece of information that multiple agencies (CIA, FBI, Oprah, etc.) around the world had collected on Terrorists including an organization called Fulcrum. This was the only copy of the program and Chuck was the only person that had it. The computer that housed the program was destroyed and for better or worse Chuck was the only person that could access this through flashes. The government sent two agents to protect him while they worked to create a new Intersect. Part of protecting him was that FBI agent Colonel John Casey would work at the Buy More with Chuck and his ne’er-do-well childhood bestfriend Morgan Grimes, while the CIA’s Sarah Walker would pose as his girlfriend and work at a nearby Hot Dog fast food restaurant. While this was happening Chuck had to live two lives and not let anyone know his secret.

To not spoil every surprise while you go back and watch the show you will need to know the following in Season 4. Everyone now knows Chuck’s secret. Chuck and Ellie were abandoned by their parents and raised by each other. The reason why? Their parents are SPIES! Chuck’s dad was Orion (played by Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap) a tech brain that actually created the Intersect and saved Chuck by creating an update that actually turned him into a real spy with the ability to actually fight. Chuck’s Dad was recently murdered by Fulcrum, which has just sent us on a quest to find Chuck’s Mom played by James Cameron’s Alimony Recipient Linda Hamilton or as I like to call her Sarah Connor. The problem being that Chuck promised Ellie that he would stop the spy game. Also, Casey’s daughter Alex kinda has a thing for spy-in-training Morgan, which does not please the Colonel in any way shape or form. Lastly, Chuck and Sarah have finished the will they won’t they dance and are a real couple. That’s all you need to know to get into Chuck. Go watch the first three season which are available on iTunes AND Netflix. I am also available for questions.